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One of the main motivations for building the EMIF Catalogue was to allow researchers to find databases which fulfil their particular research study requirements in a quick and easy way. This portal is a dynamic and flexible system which can be easily customised for different purposes and research interests.

The catalogue intends to comprise different vertical projects through the creation of communities, such as EMIF-Electronic Health Record Data (EMIF-EHR) and EMIF-Alzheimer’s Disease (EMIF-AD), supporting distinct databases and users.

Browser Compatibility

The EMIF platform was developed and tested using the latest version of Chrome. Using older browsers, or one not included in the following list, may cause some of the tool’s, features and services to operate incorrectly.  Our supported browsers include:

  •  Chrome
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  •  Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  •  Microsoft Edge


This portal is being developed and supported by the IMI-funded research project EMIF (European Medical Information Framework), under grant agreement number 115372.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for improving this system. 
José Luis Oliveira (
University of Aveiro, Dept. Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI / IEETA)